Anti-Federalist warning “… base betrayer of the rights of his country …

American Minute with Bill Federer

Anti-Federalist warning “… the base betrayer of the rights of his country … though he may artfully have obtained an election”-James Warren

Did Anti-Federalists predict the likes of:

  • Castro,
  • Kim Jong-un,
  • King Abdullah,
  • Mugabe,
  • Omar al-Bashir,
  • Idi Amin,
  • Pol Pot,
  • Ho Chi Minh,
  • Stalin, and
  • Mao Zedong?

In spite of these leaders using democratic sounding titles, such as Chairman, Premier, General Secretary, Chancellor, Prime Minister, The Dear Leader, or El Presidente, they were authoritarian.

Anti-Federalists foresaw the danger of power concentrating in a deep state…


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