GOP ‘romance’ with evangelicals may be chilling down after party’s LGBT deal

First let me be clear, as I have stated many times, I am not a Republican, I am a Constitutionalist. I believe in and vote for the candidate that most represents the fundamentals of the Constitution which were based upon moral standards set forth by America’s founding Judeo-Christian principles.

The RNC used to be the party of High Morals Standards, it appears that is no longer the case.

The Republican National Committee has struck a deal with the Log Cabin Republicans, the homosexual wing of the party. That’s not sitting well with some observers who suggest it may be a step too far for the evangelical voting bloc…

SOURCE: GOP ‘romance’ with evangelicals may be chilling down after party’s LGBT deal


You’ve Gotta Fight for the Right in the Party

RNC announces ‘Pride Coalition,’ partnership with Log Cabin Republicans ahead of midterms

The RNC’s “Pride Coalition”

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