Legal Expert in Self-Defense Breaks Down Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

First let be be clear I think it was dumb of this then 17 year old boy to go into the middle of a riot with a rifle. He however is not on trial for being dumb, if that charge were available to prosecutors across America we would all be in serious trouble.

The reason for this post is because yesterday I took a few moments to eat lunch and scan the news (big mistake) and this trial was front and center. What I saw was a definitive media bias with outright lies coming from what can only be described as leftist outlets. They repeated the now debunked rhetoric of hsi having crossed state lines, carrying an automatic weapon, willfully pointing it at people, etc. All of which evidence in the trial has clearly proven false. I also watched excerpts from the trial where the prosecutors willful disparaged Mr. Rittenhouse’s constitutional rights.

Folks it is simple, the law of the land in America has changed you are no longer innocent until proven guilty, you are Guilty Until Proving Your Innocence.

Lawyer Andrew Branca shares what he thinks the verdict should be, and analyzes the trail itself…


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