Election Integrity Score Card – 12/16/2021

Elections belong to the people. —Abraham Lincoln Every citizen’s vote is sacred. The vote is how we guarantee that our government remains of the people, by the people, and for the people. Americans need and deserve elections that they can trust. Legitimate voters should be able to vote in privacy without being harassed, secure in … More Election Integrity Score Card – 12/16/2021

GOP ‘romance’ with evangelicals may be chilling down after party’s LGBT deal

First let me be clear, as I have stated many times, I am not a Republican, I am a Constitutionalist. I believe in and vote for the candidate that most represents the fundamentals of the Constitution which were based upon moral standards set forth by America’s founding Judeo-Christian principles. The RNC used to be the … More GOP ‘romance’ with evangelicals may be chilling down after party’s LGBT deal

Is Ensuring Election Integrity Anti-Democratic?

John R. Lott, Jr., Founder and President, Crime Prevention Research Center Sixteen years ago, in 2005, the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform issued a report that proposed a uniform system of requiring a photo ID in order to vote in U.S. elections. The report also pointed out that widespread absentee voting makes vote fraud more … More Is Ensuring Election Integrity Anti-Democratic?

Election Integrity

Whether you believe the election was rigged every patriot should demand election integrity. Here seems to be another example of election day failure. Report: Wisconsin Lost Track of 82,000 Ballots in State Biden Won by 20,000 Wisconsin lost track of more than 82,000 mail-in ballots cast in the state in the November 2020 elections—more than … More Election Integrity