American Minute(s) with Bill Federer

Today we share 2 stories

Insights of Ben Franklin: Printer, Postmaster, Ambassador, Author, Inventor, Scientist, and Founding Father 

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, January 17, 1706, the 15th of 18 children, to Josiah Franklin, a poor Puritan candle and soap maker, and dyer of cloth. At age 12, Benjamin was apprenticed to his brother James Franklin’s print shop…


William Brewster, and How Pilgrim Covenant twisted into Social Contract, then Socialism

In 1534, England had officially established the Church of England. A revival movement to “purify” the Church of England was led by “Puritans.”Other groups simply separated themselves, meeting in secret, being referred to as “Separatists.” Members of one such group were known as “Pilgrims…


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