Are our founding documents still relevant?

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Maybe you are like me and are tired of hearing all the rhetoric of why this country is so messed up. Maybe you are young and not so sure what makes it all that great? As Andrew McIndoe in his email to me explained, the best place to start is with the truth about our founding documents:

One of the things I also keep nearby is a copy of our founding documents like the Declaration of Independence. Every time I catch a glance of it or take time to open it up, it leads to good reflection on the timeless ideals we’re fighting to preserve.

If you’re looking for something to listen to while you relax or run some errands this weekend, I’d recommend this great Heritage Explains podcast with one of our visiting fellows, Dr. Allen Guelzo. In this episode, he explains why the Declaration is such a beautiful document that’s still relevant in today’s culture.

Let me know what you think of Dr. Guelzo’s message. What’s your favorite part of our founding documents? What do you think people can stand to learn from them today?

William Jennings Bryan Revisited

National Review on Prosecutors

Tapping Trump to run again in 2024 may seem sensible, but Trump’s downward political trajectory looks eerily like William Jennings Bryan’s.

By SEAN-MICHAEL PIGEON July 9, 2021 6:30 AM

William Jennings Bryan gave one of the most important speeches in American political development 125 years ago today — on July 9, 1896. The Nebraskan’s Cross of Gold Speechis a watershed moment in American history…


Celebrating America’s Birthday


When was America born? Was it when Jamestown was settled in 1607? When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in 1620? When the 13 colonies won the War of Independence from Great Britain in 1781? Today, revisionist historians and new progressive models claim that America was born when African slaves arrived in Virginia in 1619. While the American slave trade was tragic, immoral, and a grave human rights violation, it is inaccurate to say that the United States of America was founded on slavery…

SOURCE: Celebrating America’s Birthday

Inspiring American Stories for Your 4th of July

Every year on the Fourth—Independence Day—we remind ourselves of all that makes America what Lincoln called it, “the last best hope of earth.” This reminder is especially needful now. The Claremont Institute was founded over 40 years ago to teach Americans what it is about our country that makes it worth the last full measure of devotion. We have always thought this is the most important work in America.

On this Independence Day, I invite you to refresh your American Spirit and rededicate yourself to the American cause. Take a few minutes to listen to one or all of these stories by Claremont Institute Senior Fellow, Chris Flannery, about some of the things that make America the land we love:

1. How John Adams and Thomas Jefferson lived the spirit of 1776;  [Ep. 103]

2. Why in the course of human events, courageous men like Billy Fiske give their lives for their friends and the cause of freemen everywhere;  [Ep. 58]

3. How the Revolutionary and Founding generations did their heroic and historic part in giving us a legacy of freedom—to receive it, we need only to understand it and live up to it;  [Ep. 61]

4. Why the greatest respect Americans can show for the opinions of mankind—and the greatest benefit they can bestow upon themselves—is to continue to take responsibility for being the kind of self-governing people we invite all people to be; [Ep. 90]

5. Why George Washington, more than any of his contemporaries, was the necessary condition of American independence. [Ep. 16]

For more great stories every week, subscribe to The American Story for free on your preferred podcast platform. The American Story podcast comes out once a week, every Tuesday. Each episode is a 6-8 minute story about what makes America beautiful and worthy of love. If you’d like to learn more about these stories or how you might support them, please visit

Thanks for listening—and for sharing these stories with family, friends, and fellow patriots.

Happy Fourth!
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What happened on July 1st, 1776?

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“The man to whom the country is most indebted for the great measure of independence is Mr. John Adams.” That was from a delegate to the Continental Congress. But how much do you know about this influential thinker and second president of the United States? Brad Thompson, Professor of Political Science at Clemson University, tells Adams’ remarkable story.

Click here to watch.

Inside story on how the 1776 Commission refused to be canceled by Biden

1776 Commission—comprised of some of America’s most distinguished scholars and historians—has released a report presenting a definitive chronicle of the American founding, a powerful description of the effect the principles of the Declaration of Independence have had on this Nation’s history, and a dispositive rebuttal of reckless “re-education” attempts that seek to reframe American history around the idea that the United States is not an exceptional country but an evil one.

A copy of the report can be found here.

From the White House (TRUMP) Web Site


“You can abolish a commission, you can take a report off the website, but you can’t erase history,” executive director Matthew Spalding says as the panel shifts focus to states.

Despite being abolished by the Biden administration, the 1776 Commission established by President Trump to develop a patriotic education curriculum lives on.

The commission’s executive director, Matthew Spalding, told Just the News that the panel is staying operational despite losing its federal charter and shifting its focus to state and local education. A Web site and a new social media presence are forthcoming…


Irving Berlin & the classic song “God Bless America!”

American Minute with Bill Federer

Irving Berlin was born in Russia, the son of a Jewish rabbi, on MAY 11, 1888. At 4-years-old, he immigrated with his family to New York.

Falling in love with America, he served as a U.S. infantry sergeant in World War I.


Why did Biden Nix God in Prayer Address?

NEW YORK, May 7, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on President Joe Biden’s National Day of Prayer address:

President Biden raised more than eyebrows when he omitted any mention of God in his National Day of Prayer proclamation. What he did was unprecedented: No previous president has failed to mention God since the day it was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of Congress and signed into law by President Harry Truman…

Source: Why did Biden Nix God in Prayer Address?

Also see: Biden Omits God and Prayer from National Day of Prayer

American Minute(s) with Bill Federer

Today we share 2 stories

Insights of Ben Franklin: Printer, Postmaster, Ambassador, Author, Inventor, Scientist, and Founding Father 

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, January 17, 1706, the 15th of 18 children, to Josiah Franklin, a poor Puritan candle and soap maker, and dyer of cloth. At age 12, Benjamin was apprenticed to his brother James Franklin’s print shop…


William Brewster, and How Pilgrim Covenant twisted into Social Contract, then Socialism

In 1534, England had officially established the Church of England. A revival movement to “purify” the Church of England was led by “Puritans.”Other groups simply separated themselves, meeting in secret, being referred to as “Separatists.” Members of one such group were known as “Pilgrims…


James Madison’s views on Freedom of Conscience

American Minute with Bill Federer

Lockdowns on Virginia Baptists shaped James Madison’s views on Freedom of Conscience

In times of crisis, people turn to Christ, and following the crisis of the French and Indian War, there was a move towards religion in the colonies. Virginia’s government, though, was established Anglican and imposed strict lockdowns on unapproved church gatherings. A Virginia historical marker reads: “John Weatherford’s Grave … Baptist Preacher … and early advocate of religious liberty, jailed for five months … for unlicensed preaching. His release was secured by Patrick Henry.”

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