Was the U.S. Constitution ratified by “Christian” States ?

Very interesting article, I have long said America was not founded as a “Christian Nation” (we are a Republic not a Theocracy) but founded upon Judeo-Christian principles by Christian Men. 

American Minute with Bill Federer

Was the U.S. Constitution ratified by “Christian” States ?

George Washington dictated a “talk” to the Cherokee Nation, August 29, 1796:

​“Beloved Cherokees, The wise men of the United States meet together once a year, to consider what will be for the good of all their people …

​I have thought that a meeting of your wise men once or twice a year would be alike useful to you …

​I now send my best wishes to the Cherokees, and pray the Great Spirit to preserve them.”

Twelve of the original 13 states sent delegates to Philadelphia. (Rhode Island boycotted the Convention.)

​Instead of rewriting the Articles of Confederation, they drafted the U.S. Constitution.

George Washington opened the Constitutional Convention, stating:

“The event is in the hand of God.”

The 55 delegates who wrote the U.S. Constitution belonged to the following denominations:

​- 26 Episcopalian,

– 11 Presbyterian,

– 7 Congregationalist,

– 2 Lutheran,

– 2 Dutch Reformed,

– 2 Methodist,

– 2 Quaker,

– 2 Roman Catholic,

– and Dr. Franklin, who called for prayer at the Constitutional Convention, June 28, 1787, stating:

​”In the beginning of the contest with Great Britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayer in this room for the divine protection….


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