Christians, Let’s Be Honest. Our Excuses For Skipping Church Are Lame.

Of course, a pastor telling Christians not to go to church is like a dentist warning his patients not to brush their teeth. It’s absurd and self-defeating, to put it mildly.

MATT WALSH | September 14, 2016

I recently read a report showing that less than 20 percent of the people in this country attend church on a regular basis. Not a shocking revelation, obviously. It’s said that America is a “Christian nation,” but the empty pews have long been calling that claim into question.

Yet not everyone sees dwindling church attendance as a problem. Not even every church leader agrees. For instance, my wife alerted me to a blog post she noticed popping up on her newsfeed here and there. It’s written by a self-identified pastor from North Carolina named John Pavlovitz, and titled, “Relax Christians, You Don’t Have To Go To Church.”


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