Education/Parenting in America – Various Sources – 04/11/2022

Help Children Memorize Scripture with These Printable Verse Cards

Leading Think Tank Gives Good and Bad News on Parental Transfer of Faith to Kids

Why the Classroom Activists Never Give Up

Biden Toys with Student Debt Cancellation

Schooling or grooming?

There is an explanation for Disney’s war on children

Coach Kennedy: From the Field to the Supreme Court

What’s Wrong with These People?

Florida’s Anti-Grooming Law Inspires More Than a Dozen More States to Act

Science Experiment Gone Wrong: Teacher Sets Student’s Hands on Fire, Causing Serious Burns

16-year-old high school student charged with attempted murder and sexual assault of a teacher at Las Vegas high school

Disney Kicks Culture War Into Overdrive with Sick New ‘Gender Affirmation’ Program for Kids: Report

Parents: Nationwide, They’re on Kids’ Side

Southern California school board bans critical race theory

Professor Suspended After Refusing to Grade Students Based on Race Gets Huge News

Ronald Reagan and the Blind Children: A Story of Character

‘Ideological Intolerance’ invading science classrooms

Download PragerU Kids magazines for free

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