Pro-Life News Update – 04/07/2022


►1 out of every 66 deaths in the WORLD is an American abortion.

►1 out of every 4 deaths in America is an American Abortion.

►Half of the deaths in the world are from abortions.

►Abortion is the leading cause of death in the world. It kills as many people as ALL of the other causes of death combined. 

►We have lost more Americans through abortions (64 times more) than we did in all of our wars (12 wars) combined.

See the US and Worldwide Abortion Clock HERE

Here is the info on Bill: S. 99: Life at Conception Act of 2021 from GovTrack

Are you still praying for the Dobbs case to reverse Roe v. Wade? There will be a unique opportunity to do that and more in Texas in person on April 9th in Brady, Texas, known as the Heart of Texas. Intercessors and praying people from all denominations across Texas will be gathering together in a field from 10:00am to 4:00pm to be in unity, (John 17), to repent for the sins of our nation, and our own sins, to pray for the end of abortion and for the Dobbs (Mississippi ban on late-term abortion case), to pray for family, revival, Biblical Christian engagement, and other worthy topics.  Here is your invitation to attend the April 9th event in Brady, Texas.

30 Stork Buses — State of the Art Mobile Medical Clinics — Scheduled for Delivery in 2022

Separated by Birth: Two Parties, Two Very Different Abortion Views

Pro-life and Human Rights Organizations to Hold Rally Demanding Washington, D.C. Chief Medical Examiner Perform a Complete and Transparent Autopsy on Five Late-term Aborted Babies

Congress Demands Autopsy of 5 Aborted Babies: Pro-Life Activists Rally at DC Mayor’s Office

Pro-lifer: Romney out-of-step to label SCOTUS nominee as ‘mainstream’

State aims to provide refuge for abortionists, prepares for post-‘Roe’ world

To read the news, visit

  • Abortion Clinic Boxed Up 115 Aborted Babies, Sent Them to Incinerator to Burn for Power
  • Ted Cruz Slams Ketanji Brown Jackson: She Doesn’t Believe All People Have the Right to Life
  • Biden HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Refuses to Admit Partial-Birth Abortions are Illegal
  • Members of Congress Want Abortionist Investigated Who Killed 5 Fully-Formed Babies
  • Catholic Bishop Calls on Christians to Pray for Supreme Court to Overturn Roe
  • Republicans Want to Cut Government Contracts With Citigroup After It Funds Employee Abortions
  • New Map Shows Which States Will Protect Babies From Abortions When Roe is Overturned
  • Babies’ Brains are So Developed in the Womb Scientists Can Detect if They Have Autism
  • Senate Votes to Bring Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Nomination to Floor for Debate and Vote
  • Colorado Gov Jared Polis Signs Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth With No Limits
  • California Will Vote Tomorrow on Bill to Legalize Infanticide. Babies Could be Left to Die Up to 6 Weeks After Birth
  • Abortion Clinic May Have Committed Infanticide, Left Babies to Die Who Survived Abortions
  • Oklahoma Legislature Passes Abortion Ban That Will Save 4,000 Unborn Babies A Year
  • Republican Senators Demand Investigation of 5 Fully-Formed Babies Killed in Late Abortions or Infanticides
  • Unborn Baby Removed From Mother’s Womb for Lung Surgery, Then Put Back In
  • Health Official Calls Black and Hispanic Women “Moms,” Says White Women are “Birthing People”
  • Chris Rock Mocks Abortion: “A Safe Abortion is an Abortion Where Only One Person Dies”
  • Don’t Confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson. She Has No Idea if People Have Natural Rights
  • Medical Waste Company Accused of Burning Aborted Babies for Electricity
  • All 50 Senate Democrats Were Asked to Define “Women.” None of Them Could Do It
  • This is the Fully-Formed Baby Who Was Killed in a Very Late-Term Abortion. We Can’t Look Away

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