Biden’s First SOTU

I so wanted President Biden’s first SOTU address to be one all the US and the world could be proud of. It was an opportunity to invigorate the citizenry, use imagery to remind us of all that is good in America. Instead, it was an hour plus of drone delivery, it was in fact a dismal failure.

So, I hesitated to post anything, but facts are facts. There was no substance, just rhetoric (in fact sounding like President Trumps MAGA plan). Most of the speech was dedicated to the Ukraine war, with no definitive plan of support, or how America will overcome the economic impact that war (the new target for all our woes) is causing. Adding to it were the multiple gaffes by Mr. Biden and it was a sad day in American Politics.

SOTU was a typical Biden gaffe-fest

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 Biden Contends ‘We Are Stronger Today’ in State of the Union Address, GOP Says Pro-Family Revolution Coming 

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