Wisdom for When Your Kids Talk Back

We were in a local store the other day and a 2-3-year-old boy was having a HISSY FIT, not only was he crying and caring on dramatically but out of his mouth came some pretty nasty words. It seems to be the norm today with Media and parents being so foul-mouthed what should we expect of our children?

Back in my day, parents would cure this with a swift backhand or have us select a switch outback. today parents are afraid of the “liberals” calling the police for disciplining their children then society wonders why they grow up wild.

Help! My Kids Keep Talking Back

The underlying theme in talking back is that your child uses their words to reject yours—to shield themselves from you and from the influence you’re trying to have in their life. And it stings.

But now the ball is back in your court. What do you do?

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