Biden Administration Year One


Today marks the first anniversary of Democrat control of Congress and the White House, which warrants a review of their first year. Data indicate that Americans are not happy with the direction our country is heading under Progressive leadership. Inflation is rising, store shelves are bare, our national debt has skyrocketed, and our border remains open to drug smugglers and human traffickers. Perhaps most glaring of all the failures of this administration is the division still felt across the nation. The President, who campaigned heavily on uniting our country, has deepened the divisions throughout America.

Although the Biden Administration appears unaware of its failures, the impacts of Biden’s crises are apparent to Americans. In a Politico/Morning Consult poll, President Biden received the lowest approval rating any President has ever received since the poll was first taken.  


The majority of respondents gave President Biden a grade of “F” for his handling of every issue surveyed, and over two out of three respondents do not expect the situation to get better during the remainder of the President’s term. Many expect it will get worse. 

There is no spin on this. President Biden has failed our nation, and he set himself up to fail when he embraced the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party. 

This is why tools, like the filibuster in the Senate, are so vital to our Democracy. Without the Senate filibuster, Progressives could implement their entire agenda, the same one that has caused the myriad of crises that Americans are facing today.

The rest of us who are not fighting in the Senate also have responsibilities in defending our nation from the impact of the radical left. It’s important for us to remember how blessed we are to live in our great nation and continue to loudly proclaim that we are not interested in Progressives’ radical agenda. Every American, whether Republican or Democrat, must continue to adhere to the foundational principles that have made our country great, such as hard-work, respect for our national institutions, and a Christian faith. These are the tools that we all have at our disposal as we push back against the agenda of the radical left. 

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