Education/Parenting in America – Various Sources – 01/20/2022

Free Education Clipart in AI, SVG, EPS or PSD

After-School Satan Clubs — The Real Story

Watch Moms’ Real-time Reaction to What Schools Are Having Children Read

Critical Race Theory: Wrong for K-12 Education

The Great College Education Con

Does CUNY’s Professional Union Enable Terrorism?

Opening Pandora’s Box on parental rights

In Woke Schools, the Only Thing Being Assigned Is Gender

The Miseducation of America

US colleges set to impose new N95 masking requirements, increased pandemic restrictions as classes reopen

Which Is Harder: Parenting Toddlers or Parenting Teenagers?

California Folds, Will No Longer Require Shocking Ritual from Students

School Board Members in Virginia County Admit Anti-Asian Bias in School Admissions Standards

Soaring Education Services Launches a New Christian School Platform

University bans drinking water in buildings…for health reasons

Virginia’s new guv returning power to parents

Glenn Youngkin fires back after school officials refuse order that empowers parents on face masks in schools

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