Food, Inflation and More Excuses?

whole foods
Whole Foods grocery store worker Adam Pacheco (L) stacks vegetables while customers shop in the produce section at the Whole Foods grocery store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, March 8, 2012. | REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

From the once bountiful to the sparse! This scene is being played out all across America.

No relief in sight from supply chain problems
Benjamin Whitely headed to a Safeway supermarket in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to grab some items for dinner. But he was disappointed to find the vegetable bins barren and a sparse selection of turkey, chicken and milk.

US shoppers finding more empty grocery shelves


US inflation soared 7% in past year, the most since 1982

No relief in sight from supply chain problems

American families fall deeper into debt as prices rise, median incomes slide: study

Inflation Spikes Again, Surges at Fastest Rate in Nearly 40 Years

Biden and his supporters are doing everything they can to divert blame for inflation

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