As Families Gather, WaPo Says the ‘Greatest Generation’ Was a Bunch of Sexist, White Supremacists

This is the kind of unpatriotic rhetoric that should make every true American’s blood boil. These men and women of the Greatest Generation sacrificed so much while showing common courtesy, unparalleled courage, and superior moral fortitude. Were they a “perfect” generation no, but they are far closer to that the naysayers who would attack them from afar. It is easy to look back at history and find mistakes, much harder to point out the errors of history as you make it. – Mike

For decades, leftists have been on a crusade against America’s heroes.

They’ve succeeded in convincing generations of schoolchildren that Christopher Columbus was a genocidal maniac and that the Founding Fathers were vicious racists worthy of only derision and scorn.

But now they’ve set their sights on the Greatest Generation — the men and women who literally saved civilization from Nazism in World War II — because some espoused some very ugly social attitudes that also happened to be mostly mainstream at the time…


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