Nothing this week in the Pro-Life battle takes priority over the Supreme Court and their hearing of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Case.

Dobbs v. Jackson: Be informed, and let others know what is at stake.

Supreme Court set to take up all-or-nothing abortion fight

Update: Pro-life Organizations and Leaders to Hold Major News Conference and Candlelight Vigil at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 30 for the Dobbs v. Jackson Case

A Rare Chance to Correct Roe v. Wade

Mississippi Abortion Case a Long Awaited One for Clarence Thomas

Study Claims, But Fails to Show “Self-Managed” Chemical Abortions “Highly Effective and Safe”

Seven reasons to question the safety of the abortion pill

Texas Heartbeat Law saving babies’ lives

Abortion Numbers from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Show a Steady Decline in Overall Numbers Since 2009

Pro-lifers love them both, and pregnancy resource centers prove it

Brief argues there is no right to tax-payer funding of abortion

“There are no unwanted children, only unfound parents”

Biden’s State Department Slips Abortion Into Human Rights Report

100 Lawmakers Blast Biden for Trying to Force Christian Doctors and Nurses to Do Abortions

Abortion Doesn’t Promote Equality for Women

More pregnant women are turning to marijuana

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