Education in America – Various Sources – 11/15/21

With the increase number of verbal attacks on parents and the all out assault (indoctrination) of our children (grandchildren in our case here at FSM) we thought this an appropriate topic to follow.

Free Education Clipart in AI, SVG, EPS or PSD

As Teacher Moved to Hospice, Students Plan Stunning Surprise

Parents demand resignation of Scottsdale school board president after he accidentally reveals creepy dossier of info on anti-CRT parents

Scottsdale police take action after discovery that school board president kept creepy dossier on parents

Mother says ‘strong-minded and fearless’ daughter, 7, suspended 36 times from school for not wearing a mask may have to repeat second grade

Here’s How Teachers Are Punishing Unmasked Elementary Students

Duke Professor’s Distorted Lens into Israel/Palestinian Conflict

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ in education is a con

Updated: Three California school districts vote to defy state’s vaccine mandates for children, risk losing state aid

The American Cornerstone Institute (Dr. Ben Carson) has created a unique survey. They are trying to gauge the state of America’s Educational System by surveying people like you. I’d like to ask you to give them 4 minutes of your time so they can better understand the problems that exist in our educational system. You can access the survey here…


Hillsdale College Free Courses: Coming Soon, “American Citizenship and Its Decline” Sign Up Now

Education in America – Various Sources – 10/26/21

Dumbing Down K-12 Education

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