Education in America – Various Sources – 10/26/21

With the increase number of verbal attacks on parents and the all out assault (indoctrination) of our children (grandchildren in our case here at FSM) we thought this an appropriate topic to follow.

Free Education Clipart in AI, SVG, EPS or PSD
  1. Parents Warn of Their Children Being Subjected to Transgender Indoctrination
  2. Is the Public School System Constitutional?
  3. NSBA apologizes for letter calling parents ‘domestic terrorists’
    1. National School Boards Association Issues ‘Weak’ Apology for Letter Likening Parents’ Actions to ‘Domestic Terrorism’
    2. Bad Call: Authors of Anti-Parent Letter Phonying It in
  4.  It’s Madness to Quarantine Schoolchildren
  5. After High School Goes Viral For Massive Brawl, Community Dads Organize To Help Fatherless Students
  6. Opponents of critical race theory seek to flip school boards
  7. Woke School District Accused of Mishandling Vicious Bullying, Beating of 15-Year-Old

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