Data Shows COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe and Effective

So much has been put out about Coronavirus that folks just don’t seem to trust anyone anymore. I live in the “Deep South” one of the two least vaccinated states in the country. You would think from all the media hoopla that the crisis was overwhelming our hospitals total capacities, only that is a half truth. In Jackson for example there are nearly 1000 vacant beds because there are no staff to service them. Somehow that has been conveniently left out of all the mainstream media.

Should you get vaccinated is a personal decision, we my wife and I did and would get the booster shot if need be. I have seen the effects of COVID-19 first hand it is no joke, no government conspiracy and anything I can do to mitigate it’s effects on myself, my family and others I believe is my Christian duty.

Data Shows COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe, Effective

Mixed messages about COVID-19 from the media, politicians, and public heath officials have left many Americans questioning what information they can trust

Vaccination data tells a positive story and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should relay all the facts to Americans, says Kevin Dayaratna, who is principal statistician, data scientist, and research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, parent organization of The Daily Signal…

SOURCE: Data Shows COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe and Effective

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