Devotional Thought for Today 06/04/2021

Paul in the second chapter of his First Epistle to Timothy makes two clear points here. One is one prayer and the other how believers ought to conduct themselves in and out of the church.

I exhort therefore, Paul knew there were two primary parts to worship,  ministering of the Word and prayer. Here he exhorts or beseeched, entreat, prayed for (Greek parakaleō) Timothy and the local church(s) to pray.

first of all, Before all other things, not after a bunch of music to get you all excited about God (you should already be) or enough caffeine to keep you awake for days.  At the very beginning of worship and at every opportunity to meet. 

supplications, These are petitions or requests for ourselves or on behalf of others.

prayers, Differ from supplication in that these are directed for and towards God. Usually for things that God can do to influence something. 

intercessions,  Complaints, and or prayers directed towards a specific person’s injustice or good. 

and giving of thanks,  To God for the abundance of His Grace, Mercy, and Providence. 

be made for all men.  These intercession, prayers, and supplications are to made known to God FOR ALL MEN, not just our family and friends. 

Pray for the Rich and the Poor; your Enemies and your Friends

    • For those who are rich and prosperous in the world, some of whom perhaps need prayers as much as those who request them.
    • For those who are poor and in affliction, for such, we have always with us.
    • For our enemies and those who hate us.
    • For our friends and those who love us.


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