Critical Race Theory

Family Research Council


Critical Race Theory — What is it? Who is behind it? And how do we fight it?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a movement with the radical Left at the helm that is taking over society and invading our children’s schools. Rooted in Marxist ideology, CRT seeks to con Americans into thinking our history was, and remains, foundationally racist. CRT demands that we despise and oppose the traditional values upon which America was built.

How should we respond?

Watch this week’s (2 June 2021)  Pray Vote Stand on demand now for a discussion with Tony Perkins, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, Louisiana educator Jonathan Koeppel, FRC’s Senior Fellow with the Center for Biblical Worldview Dr. Owen Strachan, and Pastor Iverson Jackson on the sinister plot behind the CRT movement and its goal to fracture and divide America. Learn what parents can do to protect their children from the Left’s radical ideologies in schools, and how Christians can pray and stand for biblical truth.

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