Critical Race Theory and a Christian Worldview (Reviewed)

We originally posted this on our site 12 Feb 2021, it is definitely worth another look.

If you are a “True Believer” your Worldview MUST be Biblically based or you are fooling yourself and those around you. CRT, Wokeness, Cancel Culture all are the antithesis of a true Biblical Christian Worldview.

**The following is a review of one of the top stories of 2021**

Francis Schaeffer described how ideas escape the ivory towers of universities and think tanks eventually to shape how ordinary people think, speak, and view their world. In 2020, one idea made that journey in record time was Critical Race Theory. Not that long ago, conversations involving Critical Race Theory (CRT) were largely relegated to academic papers, classroom discussions, and scholarly journal articles. Today, dialogues about CRT can be found across social media, in corporate boardrooms, and even in the Church…


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