Devotional Thought for Today – 02/09/2021

Deuteronomy 6

This chapter can be divided into two sections v.1-9 where Moses lays down the commandments or laws which God has given him and v.10-25 where the people are encouraged or exhorted to obey the laws. 

In the verse preceding our main text God tells Moses to bring a warning;  Then beware lest thou forget the Lord, ... bondage.  We too would be wise to heed this warning daily, for has not Christ brought us from the bondage to sin and the damnation of eternal death? Does not society today do all it can to persuade you to forget Christ and all His teaching? 

Our text today has three keywords:

Fear: Not a fear of fright or that of a slave to master (although quite appropriate) but with reverence and awe, an endearment for He who has rescued you from damnation. 

Serve:  Because we have such an affection for God, because of all He has done for us we serve Him, willingly with zeal in worship in public and in private. 

Swear:  Anytime a “Christian” makes an oath, he represents God. His oath, therefore, is as swearing or attesting in the name of God. There is no higher form of accountability than before the one true and living God.  In reality, anytime a believer takes actions of any kind it is his testimony, his mark, his oath of whom he is and therefore he is swearing, his oath to God. 

Today’s Prayer:

Father God, 

I know I fall short daily to live up to the potential you have for me help me each day to remember and never forget your great work in rescuing a sinner like me.  Give me the understanding and grace to fear and serve you with a humble heart and always represent you in a manner worthy of your oath. – AMEN


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