How COVID Could Push Us Further Toward Euthanasia

Approximately 220,000 Americans have reportedly died from COVID-19. Weary from lockdowns, changing headlines, and the blame game, it’s easy to lose sight of the scale of this tragedy. But we ought not miss just who is dying from the coronavirus.

BreakPoint Daily

Today’s BreakPoint: How COVID Could Push Us Further Toward Euthanasia

Lessons from the Coronavirus Pt. 13

Last week, the Dutch government took yet another step down the very-slippery slope of euthanasia when the national health minister proposed that doctors should be permitted to euthanize “terminally ill” children under the age of thirteen. In a letter to the Parliament, he wrote, “In a small number of cases, palliative care isn’t sufficient . . . Because of that, some children suffer unnecessarily without any hope of improvement.”

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