Daily Devotional – Approved Workman

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2 Timothy 2:14-16

AMP and RVR 1960


This is Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy and most agree it is written near his death. It is both a letter of encouragement for a job well done and a warning to always be on guard. 

Chapter 2 begins with Paul telling Timothy to be strong, continuously empowered by God’s grace. To focus on Christ and Him risen from the dead as King of Kings. For the eternity is what we seek not temporal things. (v.1-13)

That brings us to our main text. Here the theme(s) are apparent from the start:

Never Be ashamed of the Gospel

Study God’s Word

God approves His chosen Workers

Avoid unnecessary (unwise and useless) speech


v.15Never Ashamed, Approved Workman

Study to shew thyself –  In yesterday’s Devotional Who’s Approval, we asked the question who were you seeking the approval of for your actions? God or Man. Here again Paul instructs Timothy to in the same manner; he is to Study literally Greek, Spoudazo, to exert one’s self, endeavour, give diligence.  In other words Timothy is to make every effort humanly possible to be…

approved unto God, –  acceptable or pleasing unto God

a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, – Timothy is charged with being a worker, a servant of Christ, the work is Sharing the Good News of Christ the Gospel. He must be an approved worker, never ashamed of the work or his doings to spread it. 

rightly dividing – cutting straight to the core or marrow, to hold to the truth and teach it without wavering no matter the consequences. 

the word of truth. – What is taught by God, nothing more nothing less, not man’s interpretation, but God’s. 


I have said it what seems like a million times “It is never about me (us) it is always about God.”  It is the Gospel of Christ plainly written in the bible, not watered down to some feel good message for man, but the one God wrote through man. 

To be an Approved Workman, we can never compromise the written Word of God in any manner! We do not get to pick and choose what verse we will preach and teach or skip over, which ones we will ignore and which ones we will change to our liking. God is abundantly clear on this matter from the beginning Deuteronomy 4:2 to the end Revelation 22:18-19 man is warned not to mess with God’s Word. Yet, there are hundreds, no thousands of unapproved workman out there sharing their version of the gospel. 

That is why I continue to encourage everyone to be a Berean, do not believe or trust a single think I write, your Pastor says, and certainly not those TV or Radio “Evangelists.”  Do your own due diligence and be your own Approved Workman, verifying the things we preach, teach and write. 

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