Daily Devotional – Lives Matter

Unless you do not listen, or watch any news of any kind, you the know rhetoric being taunted about regarding BLM. First do black lives, that is those whose skin color is black lives matter; duh! The problem is biblically they do not matter anymore than white, red, yellow brown, or pink polka dotted. 

Those few peaceful protesters interviewed seem to want just that; goodness and fairness for everyone. Yet the prevailing sentiment we see on the news, being pushed by the mainstream media and far to many elected government representatives is violent mob rules. 



AMP and RVR 1960


One of my favorite expressions for when things get tough is suck it up buttercup” I have been saying it since my Army days. Maybe it is that Army mentality drilled into me since I was 17 or my type A personality, but I have little compassion (working on it) for folks who throw pity parties and just cry “oh woe is me.”

Yet that is not really what the bible tells us to do here in Chapter 6 of Galatians. Chapter 6 is all about bearing or carrying one another’s burdens. It is worth noting that Paul says (again I cannot emphasise enough that his hand was under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) v.5 For every person will have to bear [with patience] his own burden [of faults and shortcomings for which he alone is responsible]. So while we are responsible for our actions (bearing the burden) we can still share them that is confess and have fellowship with others to lesson the impact and restore ourselves James 5:16.


So then, as we have opportunity,-  Opportunity and Ability go hand in hand here. Sometimes opportunities arise for us to do good; mission trips, special donations, etc. but we physically or financially cannot. I will say that we ALWAYS have the ability to pray.

let us do good to everyone, – ALL means just that ALL. Not just the folks we know; family friends, co-workers, church folks, etc. but all mankind. NEVER should a time come when you decide based upon skin color, creed or any factor not to render assistance to someone in need¹

and especially to those who are of the household of faith. –  Paul makes it clear our first duty is to the family of God. The government has indoctrinated folks with this false notion that it is their job to care for the widows and orphans, the bible says otherwise. 


To some he recent violent chaos in the news was cheered and lauded as righteous indignation against and unrighteous nation. They seemed to upset about things that happen long before any of them were born balming folks who have been long dead. I think maybe they should have read the idiom: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegarYou can win people to your side more easily by gentle persuasion and flattery than by hostile confrontation. To others it is just a shocking reminder of how sinful man really is. We watch the violence and destructive protests while innocent children are murdered on city streets and everyone remains silent, while babies are aborted as unwanted trash yet no one cries for justice, or who mourns the 161 police and firefighters killed so as of 01 July this year? 

The answer or response from Christians should be to condemn or maybe better choice of words to rebuke strongly their actions and do good to everyone involved  which likely means unless you personally know someone, pray for them. I would encourage you to pray for them daily, pray for our elected representatives that seem to think the constitution is no longer applicable, and pray God gives you opportunities to serve the least of these Matthew 25:40-45

¹ = There is a H U G E difference here between the biblical teaching of someone in need and what has become the norm in America’s social welfare state. But that is for another posting. 

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