Daily Devotional – Discerning Good and Bad

Right & Wrong 1 Kings 3:9. Definition of Terms What is wrong? 1 ...

1 Kings 3:9 (AMP and RVR 1960)


Chapter 3 of 1st Kings is all about King Solomon, in v.1-4 he is shoring up his rule. In v.5-8, the LORD appeared to Solomon and makes a most remarkable request of him: “Ask [Me] what I shall give you.”

Solomon could have been the typical human and asked for riches, fame, etc. but instead he asks for concludes his conversation with the LORD with our text for today. Let us break it down:


Give therefore thy servant  – Solomon makes his request to God, humbly, a position we all need to take. Although as born again, sanctified by the Blood of Christ, believers we can boldly approach the throne (Hebrews 4:16we must still do so with an attitude of humility. 

an understanding heart – Solomon asks for WISDOM, maybe the greatest gift/attribute a man can have in troubling times is wisdom and Solomon request this. 

to judge thy people, – Wisdom not for personal gain either, as most would want, but to rule wisely. 

that I may discern between good and bad: –  To rule in such a manner so that he may discern that is be able to distinguish what is good (beneficial) and what is evil (destructive) to the kingdom of Israel.  

for who is able to judge this thy so great a people? –  This is a profound statement, Solomon says in effect;  ‘how else can a man possibly rule so great a people?  


You may be thinking this is a great narrative but what does Solomon’s story have to do with me today?  Glad you asked, here is how I believe we can apply it today:

    • First if your in charge, always pray before making decisions affecting others
      • Fathers, Job Leaders, Elected Officials, Pastors, Etc.
    • Pray and ask the LORD for wisdom
    • Always pray with humility
    • Constantly Pray for for those in charge; Fathers, Job Leaders, Elected Officials, Pastors, Etc.

In these troubling times we do not have to be Solomon, that is a great King, to be like Solomon, that is desire wisdom in our everyday lives. 

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