How Christians Can Show Christ During the Coronavirus Crisis

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How Christians Can Show Christ During the Coronavirus Crisis



Though the world has changed dramatically in the last few weeks, the call for Christians to be salt and light hasn’t. That’s one of the difficult things about our faith. The Biblical instruction is clear enough: Here’s what God is doing in the world, our call is to follow Him and, in Christ, bear witness to Jesus by sharing our faith and doing good in His name. But those Biblical instructions were given in a cultural context much different than our own.

In other words, translating between God’s word and God’s world isn’t easy. If we’d woken up this morning and seen an army of Philistines outside, well, good news, there’s like 40 chapters in the Old Testament about what to do in case of Philistines. Instead, we woke up to another day of spiking infection and death numbers, many of us with friends and family members who are vulnerable or sick, and another day on lockdown. I’ve looked through the whole concordance. “Coronavirus” isn’t in there… not even in the King James version.

And, of course, all of this seems overwhelming. What can I do? How can I help?

I want to suggest four questions that every one of us can and should answer, so that we can, as the sons of Issachar did, “understand the times” and “know what to do.” But first, let me say something about the where before we get to the what.

God determined that you and I should be in this time and this place. Let’s not ask what we can’t do, but what we can do. Where has God placed you? In what family? What community? What church? Near which business and in touch with which charity?

This is the Great Commission, in fact. In Matthew 28, Jesus issues this command to his first followers… “make disciples.” Believe it or not, at least in the original language, the word “Go” in verse 17 is not an imperative. It could, and maybe should, be translated “as you go” or “wherever you go.”



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