6 Bible Verses You Are Probably Reading Wrong

Open a dictionary and you will find many common words often have different meanings. For example: The man hit the bat with a bat. The first bat is a nocturnal animal, and the second is a sports accessory. We know by its placement and usage which is which. The meanings of words, phrases, and sentences are based upon how they are used in … More 6 Bible Verses You Are Probably Reading Wrong

In Defense of Stigma

A new ad playing on Ohio radio stations is part of what’s being called the “Stop the Stigma” campaign. In the ad, game show contestants are asked about the biggest risk factor for substance addiction. One guesses “making bad choices,” but gets the buzzer. Another guesses “hanging out with the wrong people,” and is also wrong. The right … More In Defense of Stigma

Barronelle Stutzman’s Long Obedience and the Failure of the Court

I am not an attorney so I have no clue how SCOTUS decides which cases it will hear and which ones it will turn away. One would have thought this case was a clear-cut violation of the owner’s rights. Maybe they deemed they had already settled the argument in MASTERPIECE CAKESHOP, LTD., ET AL. v. … More Barronelle Stutzman’s Long Obedience and the Failure of the Court

Race relations in America

Over the past few years, Candace Owens has had many important conversations on the issue of race relations with a powerful lineup of guests. In this special compilation episode, watch some of the most insightful moments and best discussions of racial issues from The Candace Owens Show.  Click here to watch.

Biology Matters

Biology Matters Last month, after more than ten years in hiding, Lisa Miller surrendered herself to American authorities at the U. S. Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua. Miller, now in custody at the federal detention center in Miami, faces kidnapping and conspiracy charges. She’ll likely be found guilty but, in reality, she’s a victim of bad ideas. … More Biology Matters

The future of Missions

The Future of Missions A new report coming soon! Next week, we’ll be releasing a new report called The Future of Missions, which looks closely at how younger generations view international mission work. Today, we want to share three big findings with you for free. DOWNLOAD AND SHARE THE FINDINGS Over and above evangelism and discipleship, … More The future of Missions