What Would You Say about Men Competing as Women?

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What Would You Say about Men Competing as Women?



On February 29, Megan Youngren made sports history. Not by breaking a world record, or by overcoming a particularly devastating injury. No, Youngren became the first openly transgender athlete to compete at the U.S. Olympic marathon trials.

As is almost always the case with athletes competing across gender lines, Youngren is a biological male who attempted to make the U. S. Olympics women’s team. And even though Youngren didn’t make the cut, no doubt he is just the first of many men who will try to seek Olympic glory by competing against women.

And that means there’s more than a good chance we’ll find ourselves in conversations about the fairness of biological men in women’s sports.

The latest in our “What Would You Say?” video series tackles this question. Each video offers clear, articulate, and useable answers to tough cultural issues like this one. Here’s just part of the latest video, with Joseph Backholm’s response to the question of men competing as women:


One thought on “What Would You Say about Men Competing as Women?”

  1. Men who compete against females in sports refer to themselves as trans-women. I think of them as trans-cowards who have no moral qualms about taking advantage of their physical advantages for the glory of winning. I sincerely hope the two males in Connecticut who have set 15 state records in girls’ track are deleted from the record books as a result of the lawsuit brought against the Connecticut Athletic Association, as they have no empathy for the girls they are competing against and only care about themselves.


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