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  1. What’s Wrong with the Weed Biz?

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    January 14, 2020 by directorfsm

    What’s Wrong with the Weed Biz? It Harms People! JOHN STONESTREET  WITH ROBERTO RIVERA In the 1967 film, “The Graduate” …
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  2. It’s Time for Smartphone Sanity

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    January 10, 2020 by directorfsm

    It’s Time for Smartphone Sanity JOHN STONESTREET  WITH MARIA BAER When iPhones first hit the market in 2007, they were …
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  3. Why Young People Leave the Church

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    January 8, 2020 by directorfsm

    I recently had conversations with a couple of churches that were building or remolding their facilities. When I pointed out …
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