Pro-Life News


Ruth Ginsburg Still Thinks Poor People Should Have Abortions, Not Children

Eugenics remains alive and well among abortion activists.



Hey Nancy Pelosi, Where is Your “As a Catholic” When 61 Million Babies are Killed in Abortion?

“As a Catholic” are empty words when they come from the lips of Nancy Pelosi.



Comedian Michelle Wolf Jokes Killing her Baby in an Abortion Made Her More “Like God”

Michelle Wolf has been trying to claw her way back to notoriety.



CBS News and NBC News were the respective former homes of serial sexual harassers …



Woman Was Forced at Gunpoint to Take Abortion Drugs That Killed Her Baby, NBC Calls It a “Miscarriage”

Horrific criminal allegations about a California woman being forced at gunpoint to abort her unborn baby are being softened by the word choices of some mainstream media outlets.

Green Bay Packers Foundation Donates to Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL, but…




Federal Judge Slams Colleague Who Said Pro-Lifers Hate Women and Blacks: That’s False

Judge James Ho of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals took a Mississippi federal judge to task Friday.


Doctors Pressured Mom Have Abortion at 38 Weeks Because Hector Has Down Syndrome, She Refused

A British mother decided to speak out publicly after watching the medical community discriminate against her unborn son because he has Down syndrome.

Kristi wasn’t the typical woman with an unplanned pregnancy coming into a pregnancy medical resource center.


Mississippi Gov Will Defend Abortion Ban in Court: We Will “Fight for America’s Unborn Children”
Michigan Pro-Lifers Turn in Signatures for Ballot Measure to Ban Dismemberment Abortions
Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter: There is No Right to Abortion
Trump and GOP Stop Democrats From Forcing Americans to Fund International Planned Parenthood
Pro-Life Group Lists Every Company That Funds Planned Parenthood





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