Twins Born at 23 Weeks Were Given Just 1% Chance to Survive, But They Defied the Odds

Twins Joe and Ashley Keates entered the world on April 16 weighing less than 1 pound each and fitting in their mother’s hand.


The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops adopted a letter Tuesday that says the “threat of abortion” remains the “preeminent priority” for Catholic bishops.


Abortion activists criticized a Michigan pro-life lawmaker this week for comparing the evil of aborting unborn babies to that of slavery.

Abortion Extremists Hijack UN, Want to Make Killing Babies a Human Right

The governments of Kenya and Denmark and the United Nations Population Fund are attempting to hijack the U.N.’s global population and development work to support an extreme pro-abortion agenda.


Former Abortionist Who is Now Pro-Life: “I Killed More People Than Ted Bundy”
Teen Who Lost His Legs in Botched Abortion Became a Champion Wrestler
Planned Parenthood Clinic Injures Woman in Botched Abortion, Downplays Uncontrolled Bleeding to 911
Her Mom Had an Abortion at 20 Weeks, But She Survived. “My Life Was a Miracle”
Florida Democrats Block Bill Letting Parents Know When Their Daughters Want an Abortion
Court Temporarily Stops New York From Shutting Down Adoption Agency Over Its Christian Values
Bernie Sanders Promotes Abortion on Veterans Day, Wants to Turn VA Hospitals Into Abortion Clinics
MSNBC Host Says Kamala Harris’ Campaign is Flopping Because Voters are Too Racist

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