For Elders, Pastors, and those in Ministry…02/01/2023

Wise Pastors Understand Emotions

I’ve lived and pastored near Detroit, Michigan for almost six years now. It’s a city that has rightly earned the moniker “The Motor City.” The automobile industry dominates our economy, and this goes well beyond the Big 3 automakers: Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Thousands of smaller companies supply the Big 3 with everything they need to build a new car or truck. From parts to marketing and everything in between, nearly everyone’s job is connected to the auto industry.  


Effective Compassion vs. Effective Altruism

A Christian moral vision does not reduce humanity or humans to a math equation. The effectiveness of our compassion cannot be adequately measured only in totals. 

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Many argue that Paul is writing to a general audience here in the Book of Philippians. But CONTEXT shows us he is clearly writing to, the church at Philippi, which is the gathered group(s) of believers. No one among those groups had a greater responsibility to “Pursue the Knowledge of God” than the church elders.


Pursuing the Knowledge of God

“More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish in order that I may gain Christ” (Philippians 3:8).

God’s greatest desire for us is that we seek diligently to know Him.

A right understanding of the Triune God, and each of the three distinct persons of the Godhead’s duties is a fundamental lesson of basic Christianity 101.


The Holy Spirit ( A right understanding)

The Christian understanding of the Holy Spirit ranges from calling Him an “it,” to claiming the Spirit is a mere independent force operating in the universe. Systematic and historical theology professor Robert Letham reminds us that the Holy Spirit is a holy God, a person of the triune Godhead operating in perfect harmony and inseparably with the Father and Son. In his latest book, Dr. Letham skillfully addresses disputed beliefs about, and perceptions of, The Holy Spirit.

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“[Concerning the Word preached:] Do we prize it in our judgments? Do we receive in into our hearts? Do we fear the loss of the Word preached more than the loss of peace and trade? Is it the removal of the ark that troubles us? Again, do we attend to the Word with reverential devotion? When the judge is giving the charge on the bench, all attend. When the Word is preached, the great God is giving us his charge. Do we listen to it as to a matter of life and death? This is a good sign that we love the Word.”

― Thomas Watson.

Pray for the Ministers of God’s Holy Word and Sacraments

For all the ministers of God’s holy word and sacraments, the masters of assemblies. ( I would add all who in one way or another affect the Good News as it is propagated to the masses.)


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