Devotional Thought for Today – 11/17/2022


Chapter CONTEXT From John Gill’s Commentary: This chapter begins with an account of a time of exceeding great trouble to the people of God, who are comforted with the consideration of Michael the great Prince being on their side, and with a promise of deliverance, with the resurrection of the dead, and the glorious state of wise and good men upon that, Da 12:1-3, and Daniel is ordered to shut up and seal the book of the prophecy, until a time when it should be better understood, Da 12:4, next follows a question put by an angel to Christ, and his answer to it, with respect to the time of the fulfillment of those wonderful events, Da 12:5-7. Daniel, not understanding what he heard, asks what would be the end of those things, Da 12:8 in answer to which he is bid to be content with what he knew; no alteration would be among men; things would be neither better nor worse with them, Da 12:9,10, a time is fixed for the accomplishment of all, Da 12:11,12, and it is promised him that he should have rest after death, and rise again, and have his lot and share with the blessed, Da 12:13.

** Note an interesting fact to me is that most commentaries (even verse by verse) link the first four verses (See MHCC) in some manner but most modern translations of the bible just have chapter headings with no breaks. It is the conclusion of the book, and the 5th and final vision of Daniel Chapter 10-12.

If we look back to yesterday’s devotional we see wisdom being addressed in a modern way. Today in our text, we can see the theme of wisdom being looked at here from an OT view. Here we have the Archangel Michael guardian of God’s chosen making a stand for them (v.1) The announcement continues in (v.2) with something that is not always clear in the OT, the Doctrine of Eternal Life. What is made clear in this verse is that there are two outcomes to eternity, these to everlasting life, but some to disgrace and everlasting contempt (AMP).

This brings us to our text for today, looking closely at it there are two main themes embedded in it both dealing with wisdom. The verse begins with, And those who are wise shall shine…, referring to those who have secured their eternal life in the kingdom of God, shall shine like the brightness of the sky above. The second part of the verse refers to wise folks who are “teachers” of the Doctrine of Eternal Life, those who turn many to righteousness, will also be, like the stars forever and ever.

Most commentaries I read on this context/verse agree with the fact that this is referring to “teachers”. However, I would interject that every Christian is mandated by God to be a “teacher” of sorts (sharing the Good News) and therefore MUST be WISE. Biblical wisdom is not just for Pastors, Bible Teachers, etc. it is for the everyday common man sitting in the pew.

The question today is how bright is your star going to shine? 🌠

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