Devotional Thought For Today – 06/10/2022

While this GTY Blog series was written a few years ago, and I believe directed to pastors and seminary students it is most applicable to everyone today.

The Excellent Servant of Jesus ChristNews alert Servants, that is those willing to serve the people and not their own interests make the best leaders.

The Servant Leader WarnsA good servant warns the flock of coming or possible pending dangers. The pulpit is more than a place to share the love of Jesus it is a place to share the whole Counsel of God.

An Unlikely Compliment to John MacArthurFancy Talk alone does not maketh the servant leader of God.

The Servant Leader StudiesJust as our physical health requires food intake to remain healthy, spiritual health requires Godly food. He studies, to be an approved workman(servant) be a Berean, and question everything without being argumentative. LEARN and work out your Salvation.

The Servant Leader Shuns Unbiblical ThinkingJudge Not, HOGWASH!!!! If you are afraid to point out the error amongst your flock or your friends; you are living in a Christian Fantasy. Read the Book, we are to judge others but with righteous discernment, brought on by the Holy Spirit. Without malice or ill intent.

The Servant Leader Is DisciplinedHere we are speaking about being dedicated to the pursuit of Godliness. 2 Peter 2:3 A(MP) says: For His divine power has bestowed on us [absolutely] everything necessary for [a dynamic spiritual] life and godliness, through [d]true and personal knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.

The Servant Leader Works HardThis is not an I will take it as I please servitude. We are on call 24/7/365. God does not shut down for anything and we must be prepared to work on His schedule. This is definitely not something one gets into for a “job” it must be a true calling from God.

The Servant Leader Teaches With AuthoritySometimes we make fun of the Name-it and Claim-it crowd, you know those hyper preachers on TV and the Radio pumping up the crowds with false doctrines and beliefs preying on their emotions. The one thing we must acknowledge about them though is their enthusiasm and conviction. Their message comes across to most of the uninformed, as very authoritative and so should yours. You are (or should be) using the Holy Word of God as your text, no greater authority on earth exists. Preach like it is so.

The Servant Leader ExemplifiesI have met some men in my life who were outstanding in the pulpit and a disaster away from it. Home visits did not exist, church organizations were in shambles, and the list goes on. Good leaders are well-rounded examples in and out of the pulpit.

The Servant Leader Is DedicatedA true minister of the Gospel never takes half measures. He has relentless devotion to the Genuine article and insuring nothing compromises the Word or the Ministry.

In modern times finding a church with good servant leaders is getting harder and harder as so many want to be “inclusive,” “accommodating,” or some other non-biblical worldly term. How does your church leadership stack up today?

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