Sunday Sermon Series – 04/17/2022

Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20

Many argue that we should not celebrate “Easter” and in fact, Christians should not even use the word. In one sense I agree that today we are not celebrating “Easter” but we are celebrating the Risen Savior. It is the day the Christian world over sets apart to recognize Christ’s victory over death.

Is it wrong to call it Easter, depending on whom you speak to (see article here) it would seem so? On the other hand, something to consider here is the Great Commission. If we are to evangelize the nations, those folks are used to “Easter” with all its Jelly Beans and Chocolate Bunnies, they have no idea what “Resurrection Sunday” means nor do most care.

HOWEVER, as Christians, we can not ever let Easter, Jelly Beans, Bunnies, or any other trapping of non-biblical stuff take the Focus away from Christ.

All human inventions which are set up to corrupt the simple purity of the Word of God, and to undo the worship which he demands and approves, are true sacrileges, in which the Christian man cannot participate without blaspheming God, and trampling his honour underfoot. 

– John Calvin

The New Testament plainly discourages the attempt to fill up the calendar with holidays. Gal. 4.9-11; Col. 2.16-23. Even days of fasting or thanksgiving are not holy days; but they are a part of secular time voluntarily devoted to God’s service. And if we are to perform these things at all, we must take some time for them. Yet none but God can sanctify a day so as to make it holy. The attempt to do this was one of the sins of Jeroboam. 1 Kings 12.33. If the clause, Six days shalt thou labour, is merely permissive, it is still enough for us. For who dare take away the liberty which God has here given us?

– William S. Plummer

Every Day an Easter J.R. Miller

Why is resurrection Sunday significant to the Christian faith?

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Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ important …


Following the Risen Christ


Charles Haddon Spurgeon / March 28, 1880

Scripture: Colossians 3:1-2 / From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 26

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