Hillary’s campaign paid for high-tech spying on Trump – even after the election, says Durham

So let’s try an manipulate an election, blaming it on the other guy, and then continue the ruse for 5 years spending huge amounts of taxpayers $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ all in the name of what? Sounds treasonous or at least criminal to me.

Fox News broke some big news over the weekend that was buried somewhat by the noise surrounding the Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl. Late Friday, Special Counsel John Durham – who was appointed that status in the waning weeks of what became the end of Trump’s term in the White House – filed a motion that suggests Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and some associated attorneys paid a tech research group to monitor internet traffic into and out of Trump Tower in New York City. It didn’t stop there; in fact, according to Durham’s filing, that “infiltration” continued post-election to monitor internet traffic associated with the Executive Office of the President of the United States…

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