With the recent “Truckers for Freedom Convoy 2022” making news across Canada and the US, I was amazed at the “tilt” or “spin” the socialist government on both sides of the border put on the event. President Trudeau of Canada called them a “fringe element and racists” this was of course repeated ad nauseam by both Canadian and US mainstream media in an attempt to put fear into the heart of citizens everywhere. FEAR is the one thing the government can use to control its citizenry. On the other hand, more conservative news outlets have in some instances gone overboard in their praise of these truckers, who it must be noted are not saviors.

Below are a couple of articles on Fear.

The Fear of God Is the Antidote to Our Anxiety

Fear is probably the strongest human emotion. But it baffles us. When we come to the Bible, the picture seems equally confusing: is fear a good thing or bad? Many times Scripture clearly views fear as a bad thing from which Christ has come to rescue us. Yet, again and again in Scripture, we are called to fear. Even more strangely, we are called to fear God. Why would any God worth loving want to be feared? 

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Why You Shouldn’t Live In Fear

What happens when fear overwhelms reason? Dennis Prager offers a much-needed perspective into how fear—specifically irrational fear—affects both the individual and society.

Watch Now

A Worried Christian by Dr. John MacArthur

The Fear of Man Versus the Fear of God by Lane Keister

A Treatise of the Fear of God (eBook) by John Bunyan

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