Pray for the Persecuted Church – Feb 2022

Olympic athlete running with the Olympic torch
The Voice of the Martyrs

Behind the Scenes at the Olympic Games

China’s Communist government has been preparing for months to ensure that its nation puts on its best face for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games. They’ve made every effort to make sure your TV screen is filled with beautiful images, majestic music and inspiring athletic performances.

They don’t want you to look behind the scenes at the totalitarian government oppressing and abusing its own people, including our Christian brothers and sisters. Olympic coverage won’t include images of destroyed church buildings or interviews with imprisoned Christians like Pastor Wang Yi.

While China’s government will use the Olympic Games for propaganda, Christians around the world will use them in a different way, as a daily reminder to pray for Christians in China. Click the link below to add your name to those who have committed to pray for persecuted Christians in China each day during the Winter Olympic Games, which begin on Feb. 4.

Commit to Pray

More Ways to Pray

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Barnabas Fund

Prayer Focus Update is a monthly information bulletin with up-to-date news on the persecuted Church to help Christians pray for their suffering brothers and sisters. You can use this for prayer groups, your own information and for inclusion in church magazines.

It is available in various formats on the Barnabas Aid website, or it can be mailed through the post free of charge. Please contact the Barnabas Aid office if you would like to receive this in the mail.

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Thank you for standing with your persecuted family around the world. Below are some of the stories from our newest Prayer Force Alert to help you pray with believers in World Watch List countries.


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