It’s Time to Admit Failure in the War Against COVID

I recently noted to a friend that some stores in our city, Jackson, MS, and the metro area, require masks, (they have signs saying local, county, or state regulation ask them to prove and they balk of course) and some do not. Some fast-food chains you can sit at some are drive-through only, Why the confusion why the disparity? The boatloads of miss and VERY poor information (see example below) being forced feed down the throats of the citizens of the US by our government leaders and the mainstream media.

It is time to change the strategy from total domination of this virus (we have never wiped out the flu) to something that is manageable that gets the country back on its feet and stops the fear-driven daily routine of everyday life for tens of millions of our citizens.

Here is an example of confusing information on CDC website facts pages:

Now look at this page:

Do you see it, everyone 16 and older can get a booster… Then it says without a booster everyone is fully vax’d… Then it says those 65 and older should get boosted? Confused, me too, the government spokespeople and the media keep preaching everyone should be boosted, so are they disagreeing with the CDC, or is the CDC facts page wrong? Also, what about the “additional primary dose” has anyone even heard of that?

Israel has been at the forefront of the unconventional/politically-oriented means of combatting a respiratory virus.

Despite nearly 90% of the adult population being fully vaccinated, with vaccines originally touted as nearly 100% effective in preventing COVID-19 infection, Israel is currently experiencing the highest rate of COVID-19 infections since the pandemic began.  There is no magic solution in sight except ultimate herd immunity which the latest variant, omicron, may well bring about…


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