“Empowering Your Family to Face Critical Race Theory”

We at FSM are providing this as information to our readers. We have not previewed this series, but believe that like other content from FOTF it could be very beneficial.

Focus on the Family

Learn about Critical Race Theory and how to face it!

Educational equity. Racial reconciliation. Wokeness. 

Today’s culture is not easy to navigate for Christians, and Critical Race Theory is at the forefront. It’s never been more important to understand what ideas are being taught in schools and promoted in the media and entertainment worlds.  

Even more importantly, Christian families need to deepen their knowledge of Scripture, so they can share biblical truth with grace and compassion and defend against the lies perpetuated by spiritual darkness. 

“Empowering Your Family to Face Critical Race Theory” is a FREE, 5-part video series that will equip you to know what CRT is and isn’t and how you can respond to what it teaches with confidence and scriptural accuracy. 

Here is an outline of the episodes you’ll receive access to when you get your FREE video series: 

  • Episode 1: Critical Race Theory: A World Divided 
  • Episode 2: All Are Created Equal 
  • Episode 3: America’s Struggles With Race 
  • Episode 4: Standing in the Truth As Salt & Light 
  • Episode 5: Overcoming With Confidence 

These lessons will help you learn how to talk with your children about CRT and help them stand firm in the Christian faith.  


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