Remembering January 6 by Missing the Point

First let’s be clear, storming (entering) the Capitol, was wrong. Peaceful demonstrations against government policies are guarded by the 1st Amendment, but this behavior is not. Yet, the acts of Jan 6th fall woefully short, thank God, from that of any insurrectionist activity. For the last year however, that is exactly what the media pundits and our government leaders want us to believe by repeatedly using the term insurrection to describe the Jan 6th 2020, RIOT. Now as this article expounds they want to compare it to a few of the greatest tragedies in U.S. history.

Please pray for our nation that is so divided.

January 6 Narrative Banner

What people once expected from the Almighty, they now expect from the almighty bureaucracy. That’s a bad trade for anyone, but for the Christian, it’s rank idolatry.” This observation, made by Chuck Colson in his book, God and Government, is as true today as when he wrote it. In fact, all the evidence needed to prove that America has made the “bad trade” Chuck described, was on full display last week…


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