PRO-LIFE NEWS – Various Sources – 12/21/2021


Joe Manchin Helps Republicans Kill Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” Bill That Forces Americans to Fund Abortions

Illinois Gov J.B. Pritzker Signs Bill Allowing Secret Abortions on Teens Without Their Parents Knowing

Amy Schumer Compares Abortion to Liposuction: Killing a Baby “Makes You Feel Great About Yourself”

Church Group Celebrates Abortion, Says Killing Babies is an Act of “Love and Dignity”

Last Surgical Abortionist in Wyoming Will Retire After Killing Babies for 39 Years

Leftist Complains Supreme Court Will Overturn Roe, But There’s No Right to Abortion in Constitution

New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham Uses Advent to Celebrate Killing Babies in Abortions

Feminist Says Unborn Babies Don’t Have Souls, “Feel Nothing” When Killed in Abortions

Man Admits Abortion Allows Him to Live a Promiscuous Life Without Being a Responsible Father

Young Mom Chose Life Instead of Abortion and Still Graduated From College

Pro-Life Groups Slam Biden’s Plan for Mail-Order Abortions: He Only Cares About Planned Parenthood’s Wallet

Pro-Life Leaders React to High Court’s Procedural Ruling on Texas’ Heartbeat Law

Joe Biden Allows Abortion Pill Sales by Mail Nationwide, Killing More Babies and Injuring More Women

Biden Administration Sanctions Mail-Order Abortion. Here’s How the Move Endangers Women.

Congress calls on Google to reverse ban on ads for Abortion Pill Reversal hotline

Counselor at pregnancy center talks about women’s post-abortion trauma

Here goes fact #17 for the 17th week of development inside the womb!

Two families rejoice as their micro-preemies come home for the holidays

So what is “deep canvassing” and how is Planned Parenthood using it?

Justice White’s famous dissent in Roe v. Wade goes well beyond “An exercise of raw judicial power”

MPs speak out against attempts to force more abortion on Northern Ireland

Pro-abortion NY Times columnist predicts “The imminent evisceration of the constitutional right to abortion”

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