PRO-LIFE NEWS – Various Sources -11/15/21

  1. Catholic Bishop Says Abortion Just as Bad as Lynchings Because “Both Involve the Killing of Innocent Human Beings”
  2. Mom Rejects Abortion of Baby With Spina Bifida, So Doctors Corrected It With Surgery in the Womb
  3. Catholic University of America Removes Abortion From Its Health Care Plan After Pro-Life Protest
  4. Born at 21 Weeks and 1 Day, Curtis is the Most Premature Baby Ever to Survive
  5. Christian Navy SEALs Sue to Overturn Biden Mandate Because COVID Vaccines Linked to Cells From Aborted Babies
  6. Pro-Life Advocates Urge Boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics Because China Forces Women to Have Abortions
  7. Tennessee Pro-Life Law That Saves Babies from Abortions Will Go Into Effect
  8. University of North Carolina Health System Has Killed More than 500 Babies in Abortions
  9. Pro-life Ministry Founder’s Daughter Ember is Born, Spends Precious Hour With Family After Birth
  10. Football Star Zamir White Was Targeted for Abortion, but His 14-Year-Old Mother Chose Life
  11. Pro-life Legislators Introduce Resolution Affirming There is No International Right to Abortion
  12. ‘Intellectual Cowardice’: Catholic High Schoolers Stage Walkout at Optional Pro-life Presentation
  13. Court Rules in Favor of Pro-life Illinois Nurse Who Was Fired Over Abortion Objections
  14. US Judge Recognizes Hippos as Persons, While Preborn Humans Still Have No Rights
  15. Former Abortionist Confesses Own Abortion: I Believed the Lie That Women Needed Abortion to Succeed
  16. Texas Didn’t Just Ban Abortions, It Also Helped Pregnant Women
  17. As Biden Met With Pope, His DOJ Argued for Right to Abort Baby With Beating Heart
  18. Travis Was Supposed to be Killed in an Abortion, But His Mom Couldn’t Pay. Now He’s an Adoptive Father
  19. To Protect Women, Trust the Science on Abortion
  20. Five ways to help a friend who regrets her abortion
  21. A legacy of love and grit and a refusal to give in
  22. 31-year-old mother dies of “sepsis following termination of pregnancy”
  23. Tennessee’s 48-hour waiting period is constitutional, long legal struggle ends in rout of pro-abortionists
  24. If preborn babies are clumps of cells, why do Portland women get 3 days paid leave after abortion?
  25. Three weeks before Supreme Court hears Mississippi’s abortion law an in-depth look at why Roe should go

Pray That We Might Know Their Names: Uniting in Prayer for Dobbs

Dobbs Digest

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Attorney General Lynn Fitch Files Reply Brief in Dobbs Case

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