This Christian medical doctor says get the COVID vaccine

I still hear a lot of folks (Christians and Non, says they do not trust the “science” (is their source the CDC and Fauci?) and refuse to get the COVID Vaccine. Some have had COVID and say it was little more than a speed bump, or they were completely asymptomatic so why bother.

In this well thought out article this physician lays out a case to consider.

SOURCE: Our World Data

You can track your state’s stats here: US Coronavirus vaccine tracker

Editor’s Note:  This is part three of a 3-part series about COVID-19 and its vaccine.  You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.  

Today, we still have a huge danger from this COVID-19 virus. I believe the vaccine is our best hope right now.

As a primary care physician for 40 years, I see myself as both a man of science and a man of faith. You could say I wear bifocals; I have a faith lens and a science lens and try to look at things from both sides…

SOURCE: This Christian medical doctor says get the COVID vaccine

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