George Whitefield & the Great Awakening Revival

American Minute with Bill Federer

I often hear in evangelical circles that we need to pray for revival, I agree, yet if I was a betting man, I would wager greatly that there would be DISAGREEMENT on the nature or means of achieving that revival.

I would suggest it should be done Biblically, like Whitefield (and others of the period) as this quote reminds us:

“It is wonderful to see what a spell he casts over an audience by proclaiming the simplest truths of the Bible

Sarah Edwards, the wife of Jonathan Edwards

George Whitefield had attended Oxford with John and Charles Wesley, who began the Methodist revival movement within the Anglican Church. In 1733, when he finally understood and believed the Gospel, George Whitefield exclaimed: “Joy-joy unspeakable-joy that’s full of, big with glory!” […]

SOURCE: George Whitefield & the Great Awakening Revival

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