Devotional Thought for Today – 08/17/2021

In yesterday’s devotional, we noted that  Love is a commandment of God. Here in 1 Corinthians 13, Paul describes how utterly useless even the most gifted “Christian” is without love.

Our main text from Chapter 13 will be verse 4 which describes the true characteristics of Charity or Godly Love:

Charity suffereth long, – Godly Love is patient and waits long on others, remembering always the fallen state we too were once in

and is kind; – Godly Love always acts towards the kindness, not just politemness, of others never is a manner harmful to them. Not this does not mean we are pushovers or passavists, but do not actively seek harm to others.

envieth not; Goldy Love does not envy the abilities, accomplishments, or accumilations of others. Goldly love is satisfied with the provisions provided by a sovereign God.

charity vaunteth, not itself, Godly Love is never boastful or prideful. Godly Love seeks to build up others and glorify God above all else.

is not puffed up, Godly Love is not arrogant. There is a BIG difference between being confident or self arrured and arrogant, Godly Love always displays itself as the former.

Godly Love never finds humor, joy or anything good in the misfortunes of others. Whather that is a simple slip and fall or a fall from Grace. Godly Love always hopes and prays for others full redemption.

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