Devotional Thought for Today – 06/25/2021

George Gillespie (Westminster Divine, Covenanter) RPW Biblical Worship

Exodus 20:5

CONTEXT: It should be obvious even to the non-believer that Exodus Chapter 20 is all about the Mosaic Law, the Ten Commandments.

Our text for today deals explicitly with the commandment against Idolatry. While he making of a image and worshipping it in place of God is a clear violation of this command there are many other not so clear “idols” in folks lives daily.

ANYTIME, we put ANYTHING ahead of God we have created an idol. That includes friends, family, or ourselves. Even in the church, we find idols. Taking ceremonies, events, practices, not found in the Bible and infusing them into the “Worshipping of God” that my friends, is idolatry.

By all which, you see where the idolatry of worship lies. The instituting of any, though the smallest part of worship, in and by our own authority, without scripture-warrant, makes it idolatrous, as well as if we worshipped an idol (Ex: 20:5)

John Flavel, The Works of John Flavel, Vol, 4. p. 527

There are two opposing views on how the “church” should be conducted. One the normative principle, basically says if the Bible does not forbid it ( rock wall, coffee shop, loud rock music, etc.) it is okay to do. The other the Regulative Principle says the Bible is the only source or guide for corporate worship. If it is not in the Bible it is forbidden.

It is funny almost every camp will agree on the acronym BIBLE (basic instructions before leaving earth) but so many today refuse to follow those instructions.

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